Quantum Plant Maintenance

Electrical Division

In our business we cover many facets of electrical installation and control automation.

To the Compressed Air Industry

  • Full turnkey installations including supply cable and circuit installation.
  • Modifying compressors to Variable speed drive operation. Using our many years experience in the compressed air industry.
  • The supply and installation micro logic and analog sequencing systems.
  • Supply and installation of soft starters.
  • Supply and installation of air flow metering devices.
  • Faultfinding control circuits and troublesome compressed air related issues.

To the HVAC Industry

  • Supply, install and program PLC control systems for:
    • Pumping systems
    • Sewerage Systems are our specialty
    • Compressors and air systems
  • Supply and installing kop adderall online Variable speed drives and soft starter to:
    • Chillers
    • Cooling towers
    • Centrifugal and Axial fans
    • Centrifugal pumps
    • Air compressors
    • Cold booster pumps
    • Car park fans
    • Stair pressurisation fans
  • Float level controls
    • Mercury floats
    • Hydrostatic Level Detection
    • Ultrasonic level controls
    • IP68 ultrasonic for submersible applications
  • Temperature sensing devices for 0/10vdc and 4/20 milliamp interface in water
  • Air pressure sensing equipment
  • Air flow sensing equipment
  • CO monitoring for parking garages etc.

Quantum Plant Maintenance has a team of fully licensed electricians that not only carries out all work to the highest standard but do it with a high level of professionalism and also within budget.

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