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Quantum plant maintenance was formed in 2004 and we were formed to service mainly the HVAC and compressed air industries. Since that time we have grown to become a dedicated service support to the HVAC industry in both mechanical and electrical areas. Our compressed air division is now quite established as a Sales, service and repairer of most rotary screw and reciprocating compressors. We have also established our selves in the electrical field in Variable speed drives, thermal imaging, carbon monoxide gas detection and associated controls in car parks and PLC controls for pumps etc. Safe Access and lifting systems are also buy adderall in bangkok areas that we have serviced by designing, fabrication and installing on-site and our focus has been to manufacture quality systems to maximize efficient operation and service for our clients

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Jason Chew
Mark Brown


Unit 4, 62-64 O’riordan St Alexandria NSW 2015

Company established:


Main areas of Business:

  • Mechanical & electrical services within the HVAC industry.
  • Complete pump control system specializing in sewage systems..
  • Compressed air Sales, Service and Repairs.
  • Laser Alignment.
  • Vibration Analysis.
  • On-site Static and Dynamic Balancing.
  • Thermal Imaging.

Fast, Reliable & Honest

If your situation is a breakdown of considerable urgency, we will always reschedule less critical jobs to accommodate your needs.

Company motto:

“Problem Solving is our Passion.”

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